No really this gum tastes just like ice cream!

My sister calls it food gum, I call it genius.   Extra Dessert Delites gum, chocolate chip mint ice cream flavor, is the best gum ever. Hands down.  I have literally eaten a pack in one day, in the space of hours actually.  Which makes for a very uncomfortable sensation in your nether regions.  Don’t ever do this if you value your friendships.  I am grateful that this gum tastes just like the ice cream, no seriously it does.  The apple pie flavor tastes just like apple pie  and the key lime pie flavor tastes just like fake limes no resemblance to the actual pie which is highly disappointing.  My desire today is to have a piece of gum because I have a sugar detox headache.  Not a splitting headache but a nagging headache, so annoying.

But I am proud that i will not fall under the lure of this tasty treat and will instead eat an avocado.  Which is totally opposite, but whatever I like avocado.

Onward and upward in my quest to cleanse and be a more positive, uplifting individual.   Last night I went outside of my comfort zone and attended a dinner in the BK called Goddess Gathering: A Feast for Femmepreneurs.  This little gathering was created by Bikram teacher extraordinaire Mishel Herrera and her lovely Doula friend Stacey Lewis.

Side note:  I just learned this last night.  A doula is kind of like a mid-wife but more spiritually minded. The goal of a doula is to ensure the mother feels safe and confident before, during, and after deliver.  I think that is lovely, although I will opt for copious amounts of drugs injected directly into the ol’ spine.  But it would be nice to have a doula sing me songs, bring me ice chips or peanut butter.  OMG wait i have a doula already, its called mom!

I was a little skeptical because I am not the common touchy-feely everything is beautiful flowers and rainbows sort of chic.  But as I said, I am attempting to leave judgement behind and do things that will guide me on the path to self-love and gratitude.  About 10 women met at  a vegan restaurant called Sun in Bloom  and just had a kind of pow-wow of positivity.  Before each course, Mishel and Stacey asked us questions that we had to answer after our first bite.  Difficult! Cause a girl’s got to eat and I was hungry as per usual plus I’m an avid carnivore so vegan and me don’t really get along in terms of satisfaction factor. But I have to admit the food was damn good.

The questions were deep, seriously.  It took a minute to formulate an answer but you know what, I was able to voice some things that I never actually thought about.  Here’s a couple o’the questions:

Who were you before the world told you who you had to be?” (whaaaat, deep dude!)

What do you want to be remembered for?” (besides being the awesomest biyatch in the world….)

We also had to tell a brag about ourselves, a gratitude (something you are grateful for) and a desire.  This is something I will try to do everyday. I mean what better way to appreciate yourself, appreciate something else and put your goals and desires onto paper.

All in all it was a wonderful evening and I got to meet some cool ladies who are all on this positivity band-wagon.  Plus I did not have  consume an alcoholic beverage and opted out of the dessert.  Woo-hoo!

Next time.  My adventure into Qoya! 


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