S**T CrossFit girls say.

My quads feel like someone took a knife and decided to separate each individual muscle fiber from each other.  Welcome to the wonderful world of CrossFit competition!!

And all you CF naysayers, get off my freaking back!

This Saturday marked my first, sort of official CrossFit competition.  The workout was nothing but 150 wallballs (squatting below parallel and then throwing a ball twice the size of your head to a target 12, 10 and 8 feet high).  The energy in the gym that day was electric, the crowds were roaring, the sky overhead was a clear, sumptuous blue and the athletes were prepped to give their all.  Or I wish this was what happened cause really, it was hot as freaking balls in the gym cause there was no air conditioning, about 150 sweaty people were crammed into about 1,000 sqft. of space and outside the air was unbreathable cause it was so humid and about 95 degrees.  But you know what I had fun and kinda can’t wait til next weeks competition.  Plus, I think my mom is gonna make my sister and I  meatballs for a snack so this just adds to my overall excitement.  YEEEAHH Meat!

I was a little nervous last week that I would be completely crap compared to other people, but the goddess of enlightenment granted me a little beacon of light that eased my nerves.  First of all (and I am so serious this happened), I opened the drawer beside my bed last Thursday and two of those rubber bracelets that you get from everywhere nowadays were sitting side by side.  One read “I will not lose” and the other one said “Confidence”,  how awesome is that!  I learned from one of those lovely ladies at the gathering I went to in Brooklyn that when things like this happen it’s called Synchronicity.  Basically it is the unlikely conjunction of events, startling serendipity or the underlying link between mind and matter.  Carl Jung describes this underlying link as a connectedness that manifests itself through meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained by cause and effect (And yes as you can see I am a learn-ed individual.  The internet is not only for porn!).  Super bad ass!  It is becoming more and more apparent to me that your mind sets in motion your life events.  As you say, so shall it be my friends.  This is why I have hopped on the positivity train because this negativity in thoughts, in actions sets into motion negative and totally shitty events.

A little challenge for you my peeps.  Take that negative thought that you are having, whether you tell yourself  “I can’t do this because….” or “This sucks and I hate it when….” ; write the thought down on a piece of paper and then crumple it up and throw it away.  Replace that negative thought and write down a brag about yourself, a thing you are grateful for and a desire.  Also  when those instances of synchronicity happen, write them down too.  I’m not sure and certainly not an expert on the subject,  but I think when these groovy thoughts replace some of the crap-o-la that swims and cavorts around in our brains, we might start to notice how much more Synchronicity there is in our life.

You may think the above reeks of cheesiness but seriously we need to get some flowers and rainbows up in this piece before we all fall victim to zombies and psychic vampires.  And psychic vampires are not the cool ones that drink your blood, these are the evils ones that steal your psychic energy when you sleep much like cats.  Seriously, cats are the devils playthings and I don’t even believe in the devil. But I believe cats try to steal your breath (aka soul) when you are sleeping,  a la Sleepwalkers.  I’m just saying, look it up, its totally true.


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  1. Nora
    Aug 11, 2012 @ 01:52:17

    I saw your reply to my comment on Juli’s blog so I popped on over 🙂

    Great post! I love what you wrote about being more positive. I believe it is SO true, how positive thinking can really affect your levels of happiness and well-being. I’m working on squishing those negative thoughts myself these days!


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