Keep Calm and Carry On…

Playing sports of any kind requires grit and determination, an insurmountable amount of mental focus, a physique primed to take on the most impossible of tasks and lastly Kegels of steel.  That’s right sometimes when you exert too much force in a sport, you pee a little bit.  There I said it, the cat’s out of the bag and the truth has been told.  I actually feel a kind of freedom in revealing this to the world cause I feel it is an issue that plagues many athletes.   But despite their bravery in sport, they lack a bravery in vocalizing this issue.  An issue that stains their pants as well as their egos.   So there athletes, I said it for you. Your welcome.

Last Saturday I competed in a CrossFit competition that included double unders (jump roping) with a clean and press ladder.

I am killing double unders, and oh yes a pee inducing exercise. But besides that, isn’t purple totally my color!


Meet the beast within the woman

It was fuuuun, mostly because I stayed calm, did not yell obscenities, kick weights (ahem…Shannan) and wore black wicking pants (thank the Baby Jesus, no tell-tale sign of wet spots!) I thought I did pretty damn good despite placing 12th.  But at 8 months into the sport I thought it was not too shabby.  So for the weekend I was on a high of positivity!  I went to a pig roast  honoring the cavewoman within, thank you Mrs. Sara Rose.  Sunday I spent a lovely day on the beach with my girls chatting, relaxing and having a fantabulous picnic.  You think that would have set me up for an awesome week.

But noooo, Monday morning I awoke in a serious funk,  WTF!  I skipped my morning practice, dragged ass around all day and left work early cause I couldn’t stand to be there another minute.  And on top of that I was mad at myself for getting mad at stupid things like the slow walking tourists and cars having the audacity to  be on the road.  When Tuesday arrived full of promise,  I felt like warm crap, my body hurt which made me mad, I didn’t feel like training anyone and I again left work early to mope around my house eating kale and brussel sprouts (even depression will not undermine my detox!!).  Yet today I feel fantastic, I taught a great energetic class, have a positive attitude and I am looking forward to training my clients later tonight.

So what the hell is my rambling about? It’s just about realizing that not everyday will you be singing “sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!!!”.  Monday and Tuesday I was more like “sunshine on my shoulders makes me vomit”.  Days happen when you just can’t muster up the energy to exude happiness or gratitude.  Sometimes you need to wallow in some mysterious misery for a while.  You can’t get mad at the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (again I am learn-ed, yeah you can say it, I’m kind of a big deal).  No one is perfect (except Johnny Depp of course).  

Have at it! Give yourself permission to stay at home in bed watching quality movies such as  “Wild Things” or “Waterworld”, eating bon-bons or bacon, ignoring phone calls and festering in your own stench.  It’s cool that’s what perfume was created for and the only reason the two aforementioned movies exist.  Plus get over it, tomorrow is another day.


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